Finnish freelance journalist specialized in design, interiors, lifestyle, fashion,
sustainability, trade fairs, futures thinking and futures trends.

Fashion and interior stylist for magazines and commercial work.
Colour is in my DNA.

My lectures cover trends and phenomena mixing both visual and societal aspects.

Co-working with the client we interpret the gathered information and turn it into tangible knowledge helping to create new products or services.

Susanna Björklund

International Trend Analyst, Journalist, Lecturer and Designer

Topics Covered In Some Lectures

MA, Visual Culture, IDBM
BA, Fashion

I am a Futures Thinker, Designer and Journalist. I work extensively in many areas and interests, however, design is my first love. My main job is to look for a change in everything I see, to gather information and to analyze everything in a wider context. Simply to garner ideas where the futures might be heading.


I travel to trade fairs, write about them as a journalist, lecture in Finland and abroad. Additionally, I curate exhibitions linking visual and societal trends.


I uncover the futures, conduct research on customer centricity, changes in consumer behaviour as well as values and implement new design processes.


My company ENNE helps companies to see change around us and to help clients make futures-related decisions for their strategy work.

I have gathered a wide experience in the fields of design and marketing. Working as a fashion designer was my first profession, from there I moved on to the field of marketing. I have been in charge of hundreds of print and TV commercial productions.


Starting from 2015 I have created, curated and produced Signals, the trend installation of Habitare fair, combining societal as well as interior and living trends. Since 2016 we have curated it together as a team with Sisse Collander. Signals has gained wide recognition both in Finland and internationally.


I also teach emerging talents in Lahti Institute of Design and Helsinki Design School.

Megatrends and how they affect all of us

Futures trends of living, lifestyle, interiors, work, food, health and fashion

Shifts in values and consumer behavior

The widening scope and the futures of design

Phenomena and futures trends of sustainability