Signals 2022

  • safety
  • genuine and meaningful
  • magic
  • signals garden
About This Project

Signals is the official trend exhibition at Habitare, the leading event for furniture, interior decoration, and design in Helsinki, Finland.


Signals’ themes for Habitare 2022 were Magic, Safe and Genuine  & Meaningful. Signals 2022 exhibition had three areas and a garden  to experience, each of which formed its own separate world.


In the last few years, the world has shifted, and most of us have had to rethink our values and resources. The importance of home as a haven has taken on new dimensions.


For now, the pandemic has hopefully at least for now receded into the background, the war in Ukraine continues, the energy crisis is accurate, and a recession is imminent. Slowing down climate change requires even stronger measures from all of us.


Signals trend exhibition focuses on the future trends and weak signals of interiors, living, lifestyle, and design. The phenomena are mirrored through larger megatrends and societal changes. Signals is part of the design area of Habitare.


Signals concept is created by Susanna Björklund. It is annually curated and produced by her, Sisse Collander, and their team.