International Trend Analyst, Speaker, Lecturer, and Designer

I have given dozens of keynotes, talks, and lectures in Finland and abroad. Covering megatrends, trends, societal changes, and phenomena, mixing them with examples of design and visual aspects.

International speaker gigs

2018 Keynote speaker, Ambiente, Heimtextil, Delhi, India
2018 Speaker & panel member, Light India Fair, Delhi, India
2018 Speaker, IHG Fair, India

2018 Keynote speaker at IDS Vancouver
2018 Curated What the HEL from Finland exhibition for IDS

2020 Speaker, IHGF Fair, India, Webinar
2021 Keynote speaker at IDS Vancouver Webinar
2022, Keynote speaker, online sustainability event webinar, Ambiente FAir

Topics Covered In Some Lectures


How they affect all of us

Futures trends of living

Lifestyle, interiors, work, food, health and fashion

Societal Shifts

Values & consumer behaviour


The widening scope and of design


Phenomena and futures trends